SSTV  General information


These are suggested frequencies for contact

                                                                                   2 Meters 145.5
                                                                                   6 Meters 50.680 
                                                                                 10 Meters 28.680, 28.690, 28.700
                                                                                 15 Meters 21.340 
                                                                                 20 Meters 14.230, 14.233, 14.236 
                                                                                 40 Meters 7.170, 7.172
                                                                                 80 Meters 3.845, 3.857
                                                                               160 Meters 1.916

Here are the rules for SSTV from FCC 



Things I have observed

I would caution you to listen for awhile for SSTV signals and if none are heard check by voice several times asking if the frequency is in use before you start your CQ transmissions.  Be aware, you still may unintentionally interfere with someones QSO that was not heard at first as I did.  You will undoubtedly will be told about it.

Evidently SSTV suggested calling frequencies above are not used as phone calling frequencies are.  That is, once a contact is made, SSTV users usually do not move off frequency to carry on the QSO .   You will need to wait your turn to CQ.  If a QSO is going on and another station comes in over the QSO with a CQ it is proper that you DO NOT respond to the CQ as it will interfere with original QSO in progress.  If no other QSO is in progress that you can hear then go ahead and answer a CQ.    This is a fun mode, look to those operators who will guide you in your use of the mode.

There does not appear to be any set way to engage in calling CQ.  Evidently you may call CQ by Voice or Send out a Picture Calling in print on picture " CQ SSTV "  followed by your ID as, " de  W7SAV " . 

PLEASE DO NOT SEND GIRLIE PICTURES, this is not the place for it, as SSTV is demonstrated around Minors in Schools and shopping Malls, etc.  And this behavior just helps those who would like to show misuse of the airwaves to gain our frequencies for their services.

The mixing of SSTV pictures and voice contact between pictures appear to be an encouraged mode of operation.  Think of it as setting down with someone for coffee and conversation while both of you or a group of you have brought along your photo albums to share in the conversation...

Look for a mentor, hopefully someone will gratiously guide you in the use of this mode.  For isn't that what Amateur Radio is all about.   The extended hand of those in the know to those learning.


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